Digital Transformation Enablement

The world goes through digital transformation every day, and this is driving the corporates to digitize business processes, models and methods. However, the process of digitization is not that simple. Even those who have already undertaken several digital transformation initiatives must focus on multiple facets to stay on top of their action plan. To combat the competition, businesses must guarantee customer satisfaction, acquire customer loyalty with value added services, boost up revenue and profit, as well as use technological disruptions to their advantage.

Digital Transformation is about empowering Customer Experience, Business Innovation and Efficiency powered by Disruptive Technologies, Business Insights & Processes.

How to go about the Digital Transformation journey can get extremely complex as Digital Transformation could mean a lot of things with varied objectives, complexities and covering vast area of the business. At Cloutics, our objective is to simplify the digital transformation initiatives for businesses.

Cloutics offers a digital consulting program that shall enable businesses to initiate Digital Transformation journey. Our Digital Transformation Consulting practice enables a structured approach for digital technology adoption and the finest transformation of business to achieve Digital Transformation with a clear roadmap and a joint vision. Our consulting assignments typically span anywhere between a two to ten weeks of orientation process, creating Digital Transformation blueprints and strategy.

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Customer Experience

Businesses across the globe today are increasingly looking to differentiate themselves through the quality of the experience they offer to their customers. As customers go digital, the need of the hour is to craft unforgettable Digital Experiences that can help achieve the benefits of increased customer engagement, customer loyalty and support.

Customer Experience has always been a key focus area for corporates worldwide. However, with the digital age, the business impact of a good (or bad) customer experience being acutely and rapidly felt. Cloutics covers the entire customer journey, from marketing to sales to service. When you need to market your products and services to your customers, we can help you with solutions related to personalization, recommendations, location based applications, digital signage and customer engagement. During the sales process, we can help with on premise as well as in-app experience solutions, Omni-channel commerce solutions, and assisted selling. Post the sale, we can help you in areas such as to 360⁰ view of customer, digital loyalty & support and field service solutions.

Cloutics’ Digital Customer Experience offerings can help you transform your customers’ experience at every touch point of the customer journey life cycle.

  • Location & Context sensitive Mobile Apps
  • Customer Engagement & Digital Loyalty
  • Personalization & Recommendation engines
  • Assisted Selling
  • In-Store Experience
  • E-Commerce & Omni-Channel enablement solutions
Business Efficiency

Embracing Digital technologies is helping organizations become smarter and efficient than earlier. Given the fact that most businesses have already leveraged the benefits of automation of core business processes, they are increasingly looking for other levers in their endeavor to usher the next phase of operational efficiency. We believe that this will increasingly be achieved by focusing on a few or all the following points:

Business agility

Collapsing transaction cycle times and enhancing organization’s ability to sense and respond to triggers, opportunities and risks, in an increasingly omni-channel world.

Business Innovation

Leveraging newer channels and business models for monetization and creating competitive differentiation.

Maximize productivity

Maximizing productivity of people and assets by leveraging collaboration & user-specific unified views around a specific business process area.

Optimize cost

Driving the next level of cost savings and compliance without compromising on your organization’s ability to compete.

Informed decisions

Facilitating timely and data-driven decision making it as part of the culture. Cloutics offers a comprehensive portfolio of advisory, design, implementation and optimization services to help corporates leverage the power of Business insights, by addressing all the layers of our Insights pyramid – Data Management, Reporting & Visualization, Descriptive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics.

Business Insights

Analytics leading to actionable business Insights is crucial for all smart business decisions in various domains and functions. To grow your business and develop a key competitive advantage based on data, one needs to leverage key business Insights emanating out of data. Business Insights can help in better business decisions or in some case directly effects a business decision. Business Insights and Automation help businesses to enhance their customer experience and improve their business efficiency in exponential terms of growth and gain key advantage over their business competitors.

  • Customer micro-segmentation
  • In the moment / dynamic pricing
  • Personalized recommendations leveraging clickstream, customer and transaction analytics
  • Campaign and Marketing Analytics
  • Social network engagement
Cloutics’ Digital Transformation Platform

Digital Transformation Platform is all about influencing an enterprise Digital Transformation journey through Digitalized Business processes achieving enhanced Customer Experience, Business efficiency and Business Insights leading to innovative business model.

Corporates over the world are pushing large-scale digital transformation as the foundation for a business transformation, to make businesses scalable, agile and future-ready. Digitization today refers to more than merely taking assets online or leveraging the cloud. It is Digitalization and not mere Digitization. Digitalization refers to the smart consumption of digital assets to maximize operational excellence, implement intelligent processes, monetize internal resources and enrich the customer experience. With the massive volumes of data that we generate today, there is a growing need for the efficient management of these data and an intelligent way to use it. This is where digital business platforms and solutions that enable digital transformation, comes in.

Digital transformation, using technology to greatly enhance the performance or reach of an enterprise, is a hotbed area for enterprises today, as the latter focus on maximizing the experience delivered to three critical players—Customers, partners and employees. Cloutics’ Digital Enablement Platform offerings can help you encompass the whole length of your business operations to the next level through complete coverage of the following four tenets of a digital business platform that enables digital transformation, namely; Digital Applications, Digital Processes, Digital Personalization and Business Insights, Digital Marketplace.

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