We believe, a thoughtful & committed team can change the way, the world operates.



Cloutics delivers digital transformation and technology services. Attracting and developing the best talent is always an important area of focus for Cloutics, as we believe that our people are not only our greatest asset but also our biggest competitive advantage.

Career & Development

At Cloutics, we believe that leadership exists at all levels and we work towards developing employees on technical skills, people skills and strategy. Each employee at Cloutics will not only become an expert in their field of specialization but also build their inter-personal and managerial skills. This combination provides natural progression in your career and helps our clients with a distinct advantage

Upgrade skills

Delivery focussed

Best practices in the industry

Support network of colleagues & mentors


Our success is a direct result of our ability to attract and retain the finest minds from the industry. We take care of our colleagues with competitive pay and benefits balanced with personal development and networking opportunities. Our clients choose us time and again because they have learned to expect high performance and outstanding results.

Competitive Pay

Health & Dental Insurance

Flexible spending accounts

Worker's compensation policy

Health savings accounts

Vacation & Leave Policy

Relocation expense claim

Sponsoring visa to US/Canada

PR to US/Canada

Remote Work Option

Referral policy

Incentives for performance